The perfect mold-growing atmosphere can happen after a one-time flood, a slow water leak, a broken pipe or even just above normal humidity levels in your home. Our Water Damage Restoration service includes removing water damaged materials, completely drying the area, and sealing any leaks or cracks before applying an antimicrobial protectant to prevent mold growth.
Mold simply needs an organic food source and moisture in order to grow and reproduce, and can survive in a variety of environments and on a range of flooring and building materials. Therefore, as part of our complete mold remediation service we include the removal of contaminated materials – i.e. drywall, baseboards, insulation, etc. - and the reconstruction and replacement of all new materials.
Our mold removal service is included as part of a comprehensive mold remediation package. Mold removal is more than treating and killing off mold spores, we also need to safely and effectively remove all wet and damaged materials in order to protect both your home and your health.
Mold remediation incorporates both the removal of existing mold growth and preventing future outbreaks. When you work with Dr Mold Removal, we don’t just cover up or “encapsulate” mold growth – we completely kill off existing mold spores, remove damaged materials, and protect against future contamination.
In order to effectively remediate mold contamination in your space, we begin with a mold inspection by one or our experienced technicians. As a certified expert in mold treatment and remediation procedures, the technician will provide a thorough inspection of the suspected contamination to identify any possible mold growth along with the potential underlying causes.
Getting rid of the mold in your home or commercial building requires the use of professional antimicrobial mold killer. At Dr Mold Removal, we only use mold killer solutions that have been specially formulated and proven to both clean and kill mold spores, while being safe for pets and people upon return.